Frequently asked questions

What are the manufacturing delays?2019-07-07T12:46:49+02:00

The manufacturing delay is from 5 to 6 weeks.

Does Magic Mosaic also install?2019-07-07T12:48:09+02:00

We can help you contact installers, according to your living area.

Will the artistic mosaic be identical to its online simulation?2019-07-07T12:49:18+02:00

Our algorithms are updates regularly, but we adjust the simulation plan with an expert in order to realise your mosaic.

Do you deliver worldwide?2019-07-07T12:51:43+02:00

Yes, we deliver worldwide.

Can I use another tile brand for my mosaic?2019-07-07T12:52:56+02:00

Yes, we can make the colour chart of your brand and adapt the installation plan.

How to pay?2019-07-07T12:54:00+02:00

The payment is made with the order (100%), by bank transfer, or online.

Which tile colour for my swimming pool?2019-07-07T12:56:17+02:00

We wrote an article on our blog to answer that.

During my holidays in Greece, I saw a mosaic, can I get it at home?2019-07-07T12:57:31+02:00

We can produce an enhanced reproducted while respecting copyright.

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Who are we?

We are located in France, near Paris, but we work worldwide. Our expertise is selling molten glass mosaics. In order to do so, we developped web and mobile apps, to help to create mosaics.
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