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Intelligent mosaic

service3Our softwareThe software analyzes the different regions of the image, and then generates the tiles for different regions. Then a numerical optimization process, optimizes the shape and the position of the tile,
according to aesthetic criteria.

The advantages of our method:

In the mosaics made with uncut tiles, the visual aspect of region edges is pixelized, while in our method (at the bottom) the edges are visually smoother and the mosaic is so beautiful.


Tile mosaic printed in 3D:

From our mosaic software, we can generate a 3D file format mosaic. Then this file can be send to a 3 printer in order to obtain a reduced model before the building of the mosaic.

Comparative between vertical or horizontal lines :

Below is a new model of artistic tile blend with vertical lines (left) and horizontal lines (right).

This artistic tile blends need a minimum of number of cuts, so they are very economical to build. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation.


Below is a new effect to represent tile mosaics :