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We carry your quote from an image, to enable us to deliver your mosaic.

Thank you to accurately fill in the quote request form. After studying the feasibility of the mosaic from your photo, we will send you an estimate for the completion of the manufacturing plan and manufacturing of mosaic.


Custom design

We innovated by creating a mosaic design software hewn stone. Our tile mosaic generation process has been patented.

A mosaic requires computer calculations, during which a numerical optimization process calculates the position and shape of the tiles can be aesthetic.

We design for each project a unique mosaic from an image, a logo or any other digital document.




Our factory workshop makes mosaic craftsmen, following the installation plan generated by our software.

The tiles used were glass paste whose size is 20 x 20 mm, with a thickness of 4 mm.

We have all colors available with 24-carat gold and silver.

You will receive your mosaic as 30 cm square plates, ready to install using the indirect method.