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    (*) Artistic style mosaic:

    In the artistic style, the tiles are cut and follow the contours of the  regions as the mosaics in the period of the Greeks and Romans.

    (*) Modern style mosaic:

    In the modern style, the tiles are placed side by side whithout cuts, much like pixels in a digital image.

    (*) Blend style mosaic:

    In the blend style, the blend tile colors are the most important colors of your image.

    Who are we?

    We are a French company with a global presence, specializing in the sale of glass tile mosaics. We are pioneers and at the cutting-edge in our working methods, which are based on the use of software. In addition, our web configurator allows you to realize and visualize your project online. A tradition of good taste, coupled with a cutting-edge, are the two poles supporting the strength of our business and attracting the acclaim of our clients.

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