If I say “Marilyn Monroe” and “Andy Warhol” what is the first thing that pops into you head? If your answer is « Pop-Art” then you are absolutely right !

These two icons are, in some ways, the incarnation of the « Pop-art” movement that saw the day in France and was largely inspired by the British trends of the 1950s.

This colorful style, often characterized by simplified lines, revolutionized Art and at the same time Interior Design.

Oh yes ! In the chape of large paintings, custom furniture and unique frescoes, pop-art also interferes with our interior design for a dazzling experience!

But how can one apply this style to one’s home ?

Bright colors and clean lines are a must! On furniture, sculptures, appliances or even on a whole wall, flat color will certainly awaken your interior design! Also, use white as a light and airy base to bring out the centerpieces of your decor.

Indeed, it is the creative objects and amazing work of art that will make all the difference.

Pay attention to the subject represented. It must be : simple, surprising and if possible carrying a message or an emotion.

On the furniture side, the “egg” armchair and XXL low-back sofa – typical of the 1960s – will create a very POP-friendly space. No need to spend a tone on side tables, instead, we recommend to bet on grandiose and unique elements.

With our application you can create Pop Art using Mosaics that won’t look like any other! A revisited (Pop Art style) coffee table, a painting made from the image of your choice or a completely personalized wall, express your creativity and turn your home into the colorful interior that suits you !