After travelling through the ages without ever blushing, mosaic is still all the rage and we love it !

In the kitchen, as in the bathroom, these small, flat, roughly square, pieces of stone or glass of different colors, have become a must to bring a touch of originality and light into our homes.

The pretty reflections of the shades, the variety of colors, the subtle integration of this element in your decor, everything is there to ensure a stunning result !

In the kitchen, a mosaic backsplash will add a small touch of « energy » to cheer up your daily life !

In the bathroom, the possibilities are endless ! From the wall frieze to the bottom of an Italian shower, mosaic allows that touch of fantasy that is needed to illuminate small spaces. You can even play with color shades and finishes for an even more chic and unique result.

In the living room – that’s right, mosaics have snuck there way in here too! – you can hang your most beautiful picture in the form of a centerpiece enthroned above your fireplace or your sofa!

Magic Mosaic offers the possibility of making all your images a custom mosaic for an incomparable result!

Make your pool sparkle with an original background. Bring relief to your powder room by adding that extra touch. As you can see, the mosaic has become an indispensable element in interior decoration.

Do you dream of creating a unique wall that is unlike any other and that will generate the famous “Waow” in all your guests? What if mosaic was the solution? Dare to see big and discover now the splendors.