Choosing the color of your pool can quickly become a real brain teaser ! If you are reading this article you have probably already found this out. By now you are probably facing a good little amount of arguments that have only managed to confuse you and question the choice you thought was right for you.

Rest assured, your questions will be answered shortly ! Today we will see, together, how the color of the coating of your pool impacts: the color of the water, the maintenance of your pool and the interaction with the environment in which it is set.

As you know, there are a multitude of possible colors to sublimate your pool. But how to make the right choice?
To do this, we must take into account certain elements including: the desired style (contemporary, rustic, exotic …), exposure (sunshine and weather) and its “aesthetic” role (focal point, reflection of its environment .. ).

For example, beige or “sand” is ideal for blending into an exotic-style or seaside setting. Emphasize the experience with a sloping entrance instead of more conventional steps and you’ll get your own little private beach ! Be careful, this color gives a little green aspect to the color of the water which makes it more natural and peaceful but also makes its maintenance more complex.

For a more chic look, gray is very trendy and blends perfectly with a smooth exterior letting a contemporary building and design furniture speak for themselves. Black is even more special. In the flat calm water it knows how to perfectly mirror everything that surrounds the pool, which makes black an exceptional asset for ambitious architects who like to play with light. Be careful though, it is difficult to detect what is happening in the basin which complicates its maintenance.

Finally for the most classic options such as turquoise, light or dark blues, white and greens, you must remember that the darker the color and deeper the pool, the more the water will look like seabed. On the other hand, the lighter the coating and the shallower the water, the more it looks like a lagoon glistening in the sun !

Note that the green hues are sublime in a wooded environment and know how to blend in to create a quiet little haven away from the rush of the city. That said, the maintenance will be complicated because of the difficulty to detect any imbalance or the start of algae development.

For blues, maintenance is easy. This is partly why the « Bleu Provence » is so widespread. Also the « Bleu Azur » is ideal in a very sunny and not very « leafy » environment.

Finally, do not forget to take into consideration the whole exterior (facade, type of structure, vegetation …) before making your choice and listen to your heart !